About Dr Rachael Watson

Rachael qualified as a doctor in 1992 (Middlesex and UCH, London) and as a GP in 2001, gaining her Royal College exams in 2010. She worked in and around Abergavenny until 2021 when she decided to concentrate on her private practice.

Over the last 10 years Rachael has certified as a neurolinguistic programming practitioner and studied the diagnosis and management of chronic pain and medically unexplained symptoms with Professor Lorimer Mosely of the Neuro-orthopaedic Institute, Dr Howard Schubiner and Dr David Clarke of the Psychophysiologic Association. She certified in Pain Reprogramming Therapy with psychologist Alan Gordon of the Pain Psychology Institute (2021) and in Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy with Dr Mark Lumley (2022).

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Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Suffering from Mind Body Disorder means that your physical symptoms aren’t caused by structural problems in your body. They are the result of tangled and confused wiring between your body and your brain. It’s a software problem rather than a hardware issue. 

We’re not completely sure why some people develop these symptoms, but we know they are real, make life difficult and need safe, effective treatments. 

Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a simple, straightforward, clinically proven method of rewiring your system. By looking at you as an individual (your personality, the way you think, feel and behave, your friends, family, work, social life and activities) there’s an excellent chance of reducing, or even eradicating, your symptoms so you can get your life back.